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Kalamunda Christian School provides a range of academic opportunities for students. The notion of ‘academic success’ is built on the premise of endeavour. We want students to always strive for the next level and we encourage them to ‘set the bar high’ and develop a strong sense of purpose and direction.

We celebrate academic rigour and achievement. We reinforce the notion that students are to strive towards their own academic excellence and challenge themselves to reach their potential. We wish to steer them towards being intrinsically motivated to grow and learn as individuals.

Our teachers are consistently and purposefully professionally developed in order to deliver diverse and superior teaching and learning practices.

Kalamunda Christian School students experience academic challenge throughout their time at school. Extension programs have evolved from ‘best practice’ gifted and talented programs. Support classes are offered to those students who require academic help and one-on-one small group encouragement and guidance.

Our students are challenged to think critically about the world around them. Through guided discussion and reflection, students grow toward an understanding of the place and purpose of God in their lives. They are encouraged consider the impact of their actions and the actions of others and how this plays out in the world around them.