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Learning Support

Enrichment and Extension

Kalamunda Christian School recognises that gifted and talented children have unique educational needs. Tracking our gifted students from Pre-Primary through to Year 6 enables us to cater effectively with a seamless approach. For gifted and talented students, a range of methodologies apply both in and out of the classroom.

We ensure that we cater effectively for our gifted students by:

  • Providing multifaceted identification procedures;
  • Offering a range of diverse provisions including extension literacy and numeracy groups;
  • Supporting staff in the classroom to address the needs of gifted students and gifted students experiencing difficulties.

Our Challenge Programme offers an extension designed to capture the talents of students in year 4 – 6. These sessions occur outside the regular classroom and provide stimulating opportunities for like-minded students to work together in their areas of interest and talent. These students are also offered the opportunity to interact and engage with students in similar programmes at other schools.

Topics studied have included: mathematics, science, creative problem solving, sustainability, history and individual research.

Learning Difficulties

Programmes for students with learning difficulties may be supportive or remedial in nature and may require modification to the standard curriculum. Variation is provided according to the needs of students and mainly focuses on the curriculum areas of mathematics and English.

We ensure that we cater effectively for our students by:

  • Providing appropriate tools to identify areas of weakness;
  • Offering small group support sessions;
  • Supporting staff in the classroom to address the needs of students;
  • Individualised education programmes that build student skills.

Individualised Curriculum

When students require a modified, individual curriculum our specialist staff liaise with teachers, parents, students and external professionals to develop and implement Individual Education Plans (IEP) for them.