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Pastoral Care

During the past decade, there has been growing recognition the school environment plays a major role in the social and emotional competence and wellbeing of children. As a consequence, Kalamunda Christian School has made a commitment to promoting the wellbeing of the “whole child”. Within our school, we teach and support students in developing the characteristics of: resilience, persistence, getting along, organisation and confidence. Our goal is to enhance their strengths and develop them in areas of need, in order to promote a sense of social cohesion within the wider community.

Students work through a specially designed pastoral care program on a weekly basis with their classroom teacher. This program is used throughout the school by all staff in an effort to provide multiple learning opportunities for all.

When struggles arise, students have the ears of their teachers, leadership team and school chaplain. Collaborative efforts ensure that students feel: heard, valued and special within the school community.

Kalamunda Christian School believes that communication with families is essential to an effective partnership. We provide regular opportunities for parent involvement: including information evenings, guest speakers, orientation programs, classroom participation opportunities for parents and grandparents, and special nights where our students present their work to parents and friends. In partnership with our wider school community, we strive for continuous growth and learning in all aspects of life. Wellbeing for all is a journey we step out in, together.

Our school values reflect Biblical principles and qualities for which we strive.

Integrity: Seeking truth, honesty, and wisdom in all things.

Honour: Treating others with respect, valuing the individual and promoting a sense of belonging for all.

Humility: Embodying a gracious and other-person-centred approach to relationships.

Love of Learning: Achieve academic excellence through investigative learning and fostering the needs of all students.