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Student Leadership Program

Part of the ethos at Kalamunda Christian School is to develop in our students a sense of purpose in their lives. We believe that acting in service to others and to a community can assist in providing our children with a sense of being ‘other-person centred’.

Our student leadership program aims to develop responsibility and ownership over the school community of which our students are involved. We hope that our students will be a positive influence into the life of our school and not simply consumers of it.

From 2018 all Year 6 students will have access to the student leadership program. The entire cohort of Year 6 students will be divided into three groups with a teacher allocated to leading a program targeted to the group. Each group will be actively taught elements of leadership and opportunities will be constructed to develop their skills of leadership within the school and the broader community. This will include: how to conduct meetings, do administrative tasks, run promotional campaigns and liaise with others. Each group will be taught in three 13 weeks blocks with a group leader, during which time they will learn to lead and serve within an area of the school e.g. service to others, music, sport, library and administration.

We believe that the changes to our student leadership program will allow all students to develop opportunities to grow their leadership skills and as such will prepare all students for leadership in later years when they reach high school. At the end of the year, the two students who have demonstrated consistent leadership skills will receive a leadership award at the Graduation Ceremony.