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Upper Primary

Year 5 and 6

Students in Years 5 and 6 are ready for the challenge of youth. These students are the leaders of our school and role-models for the younger students. They are given opportunities for leadership and are called upon to provide support to our younger students through our buddy programs.

Years 5 and 6 continue to build on the foundations of learning, providing a balance between core and specialist subjects. Class teachers work closely with specialist teachers who take specific subject lessons, including music, art, sport, languages and health education, while others provide support and extended learning for students of differing ability levels, particularly in mathematics and English.

Our upper primary students are encouraged to make their thoughts and opinions known through the complex writing genres outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

Students learn to edit and critique their own work and the work of others using agreed criteria. Students are streamed into ability groups for spelling and reading. Throughout the English programs, teachers cater for the variety of abilities within their student groups.

Within mathematics, students are also streamed into ability appropriate groups, with the intention of ensuring all students have a strong sense of number and are constantly improving their numeracy skills and awareness.

We encourage students to set goals and reflect on their learning journey frequently. Teachers actively maintain effective data on student progress in order to provide the necessary differentiated tasks and experiences.

Underpinning our curriculum is a strong programme of pastoral care and academic support.

In these two years, there is a particular focus on building self-confidence, resilience and developing character to prepare our students for the important transition to one of our sister schools for their secondary schooling.