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Creativity and the Arts

Creativity involves the use of imagination or connections to generate new ideas. From the earliest years, we promote the use of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, dance, music and drama. We also teach students to create and appreciate visual aesthetics, alongside the language and vocabulary of the arts. Creativity at our school extends into all areas of the curriculum and is designed to engage students in their learning.

Across the Arts, our students enjoy a variety of opportunities to explore and express new ideas through music, dance, drama and technology and design. Collectively, our students’ work reflects their diversity, confidence and individuality.

Visual Arts

Our students experience a dynamic art program as an integral part of the core curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6. Students experience a range of creative arts programs presented by teachers who are passionate about developing new experiences in learning, creating, designing and reflecting.

Performing Arts

Through our Music Department, students explore a variety of music styles, including classical, jazz, international and contemporary music. In our early years, students are introduced to a variety of different musical instruments and have the opportunity to play together as a whole class.

From year four, students can experience the fun of participating in the senior choir, bands and ensembles. These music groups regularly play at whole-school events, special occasions and functions.

Across the school, students have an opportunity to perform in various events. Performance opportunities include class assemblies, Easter and Christmas productions, Dramatic Reading Competition, dance competitions and our KCS Factor also gives further performance opportunities. These events are a wonderful display of student creativity, enterprise, leadership and teamwork.