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Music - Private instrumental music lessons

From Year 4, students may take instrumental lessons on campus with specialist instrumental teachers. These lessons are convenient for parents because they happen during school time. Students may select to play one of the following instruments: flute, clarinet, bass guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tenor horn, piano, cello or drums.


Students in Years 4 – 6 have the opportunity to be part of either the Training Band or the Performing Band. These bands have rehearsals once a week and regularly perform at school functions and for a variety of audiences.

Being part of a band is a wonderful experience for all children. During their time in the band your child will learn to play an instrument, read music and work together with their friends to produce exciting and interesting music.

No prior musical experience is needed to join the Training Band. The many skills they learn (such as increased concentration and self-discipline) carry over into all parts of their lives. Most importantly, they have lots of fun!


Children from Year 2 to Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in choir.

We are very proud to have the:

  • Junior Choir (Year 2/3 students)
  • Senior Choir (Year 4/5/6 students)

Each year our choirs have the opportunity to perform at whole school assemblies and special events, such as the ANZAC Day ceremony. They also have the opportunity to share their talents and love of singing by performing locally at other schools, nursing homes and community events.

Performing Arts Workshop

The Performing Arts Workshop (PAW) is one of the highlights of the year. The band members learn an amazing amount of music and at the same time have a great social experience.

The PAW is held on the last two days of the third term for all music students. It is organised and run by our Band Director and additional specialist tutors. We are joined by students from other SCEA schools. It is a great opportunity to learn new music and build new friendships. It’s not all hard work though - there are plenty of social and sporting opportunities over the two days.

It comprises two days of intensive rehearsals and tutorials and culminates in an end of term concert with all students joining in to perform the final musical.