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Physical Education

All students at Kalamunda Christian School are involved in at least one lesson per week of specialised Physical Education. Each lesson has a fitness component, a skills component and a games component.

Participation is maximised at every opportunity, as students are actively involved in fun, challenging and engaging fitness activities. Sporting opportunities enable students to not only develop various specific physical skills, but also their sportsmanship and Christian character as they learn both how to win and how to lose.

An appropriate learning environment for junior sport is one that reduces the emphasis on winning and losing, and focuses on maximum participation for all children in a variety of sports. These are suited to each child’s social, personal and skill development. It also provides enjoyment and a measure of success for all, allows skill acquisition and improvement and develops good sporting behaviour. This includes self-control, discipline, cooperation, tolerance and respect for others. Schools provide the optimum setting for junior sport.

Our Physical Education program

The Physical Education program encourages the development of physical, mental and social skills by introducing the student to a wide range of basic motor skills, physical and sporting activities. Students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 take part in games and activities that concentrate on the development of fundamental movement skills such as walking, running, jumping and hopping; body management such as balancing, tumbling and dodging and skills development such as throwing, catching, striking, trapping etc.

Students in Years 3 to 6 take part in sessions concentrating on the development of game skills. These skills still take into account fundamental motor skills, but are developed using actual sporting activities.

Time allocation

All classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6 receive 60 minutes per week with a PE specialist teacher.