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A Basketball Competition to Remember

On Thursday 2nd August a select group of Year 6 students represented our school at the inter-school basketball carnival. We would like to commend all of our children for playing with great sportsmanship despite feeling tired after returning from their school trip.

Here are some comments from students about the day:

by Kayden P:

The carnival went pretty good, everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed themselves. The highlight was probably when I first went to run onto the court. I was running, and I tripped on my shorts because they were so long and fell over!

by Beau V:

The carnival went well, I like basketball it is fun. The highlight was working together as a team, and Cooper did great at shooting. We were all so tired but it was a good day.

by Teasha W:

I was so tired but I love playing basketball. The highlight was playing a school that didn’t really have a lot of experience playing basketball so they didn’t know how to defend so they kept hugging us and at one point I had to the ball and Leya was hugging me to try and help me to hold onto the ball, it was so funny. We ended up winning that game. We were so tired, but it was a good day.