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A Visit to Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary

The Year 3 children went on an excursion to Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary. Here are some comments that students wrote about their day:

I learned that they keep some animals because they’re sick, hurt or they think that they think they are humans when they are really animals. It was fun. (Jasmine)

I learned that another name for insects is invertebrate and that a bird and fish are a type of vertebrate. (Jackson)

When I touched the echidna it was smooth, but I thought it would be rocky. (Seth)

On the excursion us Year 3s got to pat a blue tongue lizard. It did not bite. The skin felt weird. (Makayla)

We got to do a box and put all the things you had to put in a box if you found a hurt animal. (Luke)

The bobtail lizard was smuggled so they took it to Kanyana. It was very fun. (Dulcie)

Harry (the black cockatoo) was super cute and I loved when I got to feed him. (Hannah)

It was fun and we discovered lots of creatures and my favourite was when we were meeting the echidna. (Daniel)