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All About Book Week

From Kick Start:

Our Kick Start students really embraced Book Week, coming to class in colourful and creative costumes on Monday and Tuesday. Many carried their story book in to show everyone, and eagerly announced who they were dressed as. It created a buzz to have so many well-known characters in our class for the day. Everyone was happy to have their photo taken, but it was quite a challenge to all face the camera at the same time!

From Year 1:

On Monday 20 August 2018 we celebrated “Find Your Treasure” Book Week with a character parade. First the students had their pictures taken in a class photo booth. Next, we waited eagerly for the Year Six’s to come and pick us up as we collected other classes and danced around the school to music making our way to the Gym. Finally, the teachers did a performance retell from the book ‘The best birthday present ever’. It was so much fun, and everyone loved when Mr. Harris threw marshmallows to the crowd. What a wonderful way to celebrate our favourite books!

From Year 2:

We had an absolutely wonderful day on Monday 20 August 2018 which was our Book Week dress up day. Everyone dressed up as a book character for our “Find Your Treasure” theme. We enjoyed having our photos taken at the photo booth, then a parade around the school followed by a play performed by the teachers. Back in class we wrote book reviews about our books and then made them into posters for our room. We had so much fun.

Here are some quotes from our students:

Josh: I liked the teacher’s play when the bear looked in all the presents.
Cooper: I liked dressing up like a pirate.
Sierrah: The squirrel in the play made me laugh because of the stick present.
Isaac: I liked dressing up like my book character Bilbo Baggins.

From Year 4:

Our Year Fours had an absolute blast during Book Week dress up day. We had a huge range of characters from all sorts of books, all of which were very excited to share who and what they were.

Some of the characters ranged from Fern from Charlotte’s Web (which we studied in Term 1) to dinosaurs and everything in between. After the morning’s assembly the kids went on an exciting book hunt the library. Days like this are invaluable in showing children the value and excitement that can be found in books. Thanks to all the parents who put in a huge effort to help the kids get ready for this day.

Year 5:

This year for Book Week the Year Fives sparkled our classroom better than the Oscars! We had students dressed up from famous books written by David Walliams and Roald Dahl as well as a variety of characters from the Storey Treehouse series. There were also other characters represented and it felt like being right in the middle of a book character convention.

During the day the students explained the character that they were and completed a poster about their character, why they chose it and what they would ask the author about the character. These are on display in our classroom.

As teachers it was wonderful seeing the creativity and excitement in the students as they portrayed different characters. Thanks to the parents for all their hard work and for the making the day so magical.