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Annual Choral Fest

Last Monday, our wonderful senior choir, directed by Mrs Renate Sykes, participated in an interschool choral event with other SCEA schools.The day consisted of solo school presentations, mass choir singing and performances.The mass choir singing was under the expert instruction of guest conductor Mrs Kristy Raymond, who worked on vocal technique with the students while making every song enjoyable, fun and more expressive.

Here are just a few of the comments from our students about the day:

“Choral fest was amazing!We did such exciting things.Whenever I heard another choir sing I was bobbing or swaying along without stopping.I can’t wait for next year!”- Greta

“I loved the combined school singing, especially with the rounds.It sounded awesome. - Elisha

“I really loved Choral fest because it was not a performance, but a workshop and it told you new techniques for singing.It was very helpful.”- Marcela

Choral fest was amazing.I loved all the singing and meeting a lot of new people I had never been or met before.Thank you so much for taking us all!”- Maddie L.

Well done to everyone who participated.