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Art in the Making

In Year 5 art we have been looking at depth and how depth can be created in artwork using colour. Students created landscapes by painting each sheet of paper individually while gradually getting lighter and lighter. Students then cut out and stacked their work together to create the illusion of depth.

In Year 3 students have been learning about cool and warm colours, as well as how to create patterns and funky lines. All their knowledge came together in their hot air balloon art pieces. Students could choose if they wanted their backgrounds to be warm or cool and then had to paint their hot air balloon in the opposite colours. Students also decorated their hot air balloons with intricate lines and patterns. And because the theme in Year 3 this term is Around the world in 80 days, students could then choose a famous landmark or landscape from somewhere around the world to add to the bottom.

We love seeing the amazing art in the making and the students love attending their art classes!