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Artistic Creations

Art for Chinese New Year

In Years 1 and 2 we celebrated Chinese New Year by making lanterns and fans in our Visual Arts time.

“It was really fun making the lanterns.”

“My lantern was pretty!”

“I wrote love and peace with Chinese writing.”

“I liked watching the colours swirl and mix.”

“I loved doing art as we get to make fans to cool us down.”

Underwater Art

In Year 2 we looked at some artwork by David Hockney who used interesting techniques to create the effect of light shining on the water of his pool. We then created our own pictures after thinking what our hair and body would look like submerged underwater and the pose we would be in. Swimming, jumping, diving or snorkelling. We will complete our artwork with crayons and coloured dyes and plan to display it on our classroom windows. If we begin to feel hot and would like a swim in the pool or sea we will be able to just look out the windows and “dream”!

Artistic Creations

Our art projects this term include building hot air balloons in Year 3, lino cutting techniques in Year 4 and building rockets in Year 5.

Students in Year 3 and 5 have enjoyed getting their hands dirty, making their own glue using flour and water to papier mache their work, while students in Year 4 have been experimenting with line and texture concentrating on creating prints that have even distribution of paint and visible lines.