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Test Alert

Australian Mathematics Competition 1 August 2019

Five students from each year group (Year 3, 4 and 5) participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. The competition is offered internationally however students are judged against other participants in their same year level and state. The questions start off fairly easy becoming gradually more challenging and all involve problem solving. Here are a few comments from the participants:

“It was really great in like the level of hardness and how it set up the different areas of the questions and different groups of hardness.” - Archie (Year 5)

“It was easy in the first part and it got harder and harder every question.” - Ben R (Year 3)

“The first question I answered pretty easily but in the last question it took me about five minutes.” - Jackson (Year 3)

“I think it’s good that they let you see the time instead of it being on the whiteboard so you can see it slowly and gradually getting lower.” - Marcela (Year 4)(most of the students agreed that having the timer on screen was helpful)

Results are usually available by the start of Term 4, so we look forward to seeing how well the students have done.

Ingrid Thompson
KCS Competition Coordinator