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Booklists for 2019

Each year the Kalamunda Christian School booklist gives parents an easy and efficient way to obtain the correct items of school stationery at competitive prices.

This is also a school fundraising activity as the stationery provider returns a commission to the fundraising committee for every order placed.

This year our booklists will again be supplied by Ziggies Educational Supplies.

The booklists are made up of the following:

  • Compulsory Items Supplied Directly to Classroom
    You don’t need to do anything with this part of the booklist – it is for your record only and will be debited to your family account in the New Year.

  • Optional Items – This is for optional items ordered through the school office. Optional items include labels, library bags and chair bags.
    Optional items orders need to be returned to the school office by 21 November.

  • Personal Student Use Items Ziggies Educational Supplies List (Years 1 – 6 Only)
    This is for stationery to be ordered by the parent from Ziggies following the instructions on the form. If your child already has items from the previous year, you may select required items only.

Follow the links for copies of booklists:

Booklist for Kick Start 2019

Booklist for Kindergarten 2019

Booklist for Pre-Primary 2019

Booklist for Year 1 2019

Booklist for Year 2 2019

Booklist for Year 3 2019

Booklist for Year 4 2019

Booklist for Year 5 2019

Booklist for Year 6 2019

Important Dates for Booklists

Wednesday 21 November – If you require any optional items such as labels, library bags or chair bags you will need to return your ‘Optional Items’ form to the school office by 21 November.

Sunday 31 December – For Years 1 – 6 Only – You will receive FREE home or business delivery if you order from Ziggies by 31 December. Orders placed after this date will incur a delivery cost of $6 per child or $10 per family.

Thank you for supporting our school fundraising committee.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the school office.