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Celebrating NAPLAN at KCS

Kalamunda’s 2018 Success in NAPLAN

At Kalamunda Christian School we know that a child’s worth is not measured by their Naplan score. We value each child for who they are, their unique character traits; their gifts and talents; their quirky personality. Whilst there are many limitations to what Naplan can and can’t tell us, it does provide a useful indicator of how our school is tracking academically.

After some delays in the release of NAPLAN data we received feedback to schools on the 2018 Naplan tests. Parents should receive individual results early next term.

We have a lot to celebrate. Our school keeps going from strength to strength in terms of academic achievement and students right across the ability range continues to make exceptional progress.

Overall, our results were very pleasing. In the 10 categories (Reading, Writing, Grammar & Punctuation, Spelling, Numeracy in each of Years 3 and 5), we are above the national average in 9 of them. KCS is represented by the green dot in the graphs below.

Our Year 3 students have performed well above the results nationally, across the state and in comparison to similar schools. These results reflect the best Year 3 results in the history of Kalamunda Christian School. Thank you to the teaching team in the early years who have all contributed to these results in one way or another.

We are excited by the massive growth in our Year 5 students. The point to the left of the diagram refers to the cohort’s results in Year 3, whilst the dot on the right of the diagram refers to the 2018 result. The growth demonstrates the value we are adding to your child’s learning in the different areas.

In the graphs below, we see that the gap between the national average (in red) and the school average (in green) indicates the value we are adding to your child’s learning in each of the five areas tested. In some areas, e.g. reading, our students made two years’ progress for every one year of learning[i]. This is a tremendous achievement.

Please join with us to congratulate our teachers and thank them for the hard work that produced these results. The hard work of your children also needs to be acknowledged and we mustn’t forget the support and encouragement that all of you give your children. All in all, a great team effort!

[i] Professor John Hattie defines a yearly effect size 0f 0.4 as the hinge point for ‘greater than average influence on achievement’. At KCS the effect size for progress in reading between Year 3 and 5 is more than double this figure at 0.9 per year, indicating two years of progress for every one year of learning.