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Chaplain’s Easter Message

Love and Hope

Psychologists tell us that every human being on this earth yearns for love: to be loved by others and to share our love with others. It is a blessing to experience the love from others and it is a joy and fulfilment to be able to share our love with others.

Last Friday (26 March), I shared the story of the greatest love of all with our students at RAVE. I brought along the large print of my favourite painting of the Dutch painter, Rembrandt, which hangs in my study room at home. The painting is entitled The Return of the Prodigal Son. The original is displayed in Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg in Russia. This painting reminds me daily of the reason why I am in people ministry: It is because of the unconditional love of the Heavenly Father which he showers on me abundantly. As I journey with Him in my daily living, I discover more and more of His embrace, His forgiveness, His grace and His kindness. In turn, I could share His love by loving and serving people as He called me to.

By gazing at Rembrandt’s painting and reading the story in Luke 15 in the Scripture, I could see that the Father has not laid down rules and conditions of accepting the Prodigal Son back into His arms. When we draw the parallel of this father to our Heavenly Father, God is no longer looking into our brokenness and imperfections. As He looks through the lens of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who has already bore our transgressions and sacrifice Himself for us on the Cross, God is able to say, “Son, all your debts and shame have been paid in full through Jesus Christ”. For this reason, we could boldly return to our Heavenly Father and dwell in His presence even if at times, we were to drift away…

For us all in Australia, Easter means a four-day long weekend – it is not only celebrating this love I talked about (The Good Friday), we are not only commemorating the sacrificial death of our Lord but we are also celebrating `hope’ as Jesus Christ rose on the Easter Sunday. Hence, we have the Monday holiday. The Easter Sunday is a rejoicing time when our Risen Lord was resurrected as He conquered death. Therefore, we have hope of living a victorious life in Christ. Christian theologians remind us that we begin to live in this Hope of Eternity the moment we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

May this Easter be a joyous time for you and your family because the message of Easter is one that is of Love and Hope. Let’s share this message to everyone around us so that more people may experience this profound truth that God have given us. Hallelujah!!!

Rev Samuel Oey
School Chaplain