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Creative and Imaginative Art

At KCS we love giving students the opportunity to get creative and use their imaginations in art.

The Year 3 students have been weaving on cardboard looms.It has been very rewarding but also challenging. Students have had fun designing the colour schemes of their weaves, while working on their fine motor skills.

The Year 4 children made pinch pots out of air-dry clay and then turned these into candles.

The students got to see the process of melting down the wax, pouring it into their pots and watching it set. They were so proud of their achievements.

The Year 5 students created mixed media pieces using paint, crayon and print, showing value, highlights and shadows. The end results are fantastic.

The Year 6 children had fun recreating Vincent van Goh’s Sunflowers and then creating the same art work with an abstract, mixed media flare. The end results were quite surprising, and the students had a lot of fun experimenting with the style.