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Dramatic Reading Competition

Our Dramatic Reading Competition will be held again this year, commencing from 26 June.

Every child from Years 1 - 6 will choose and prepare a piece of prose, taking between one and three minutes to read.

This will be a great opportunity for students to practice their expressive reading. Parents are asked to assist their child in selecting a suitable piece to read. This may be a complete short book, as will usually be the case with smaller children, or a short story or extract from a book in the case of older children. Care should be taken in the choice of the piece to ensure the extract allows for expressive reading. Please encourage your child to practice reading their piece expressively in preparation for the in-class judging.

Please note that students are required to read prose not poetry. Year 1 and 2 students will often have rhyming text, which is acceptable, but no rhyming text or poetry is to be chosen for Year 3 to 6 students.

The program for the Dramatic Reading Competition is as follows:

In Class Judging – From 26 June - 30 June (Week 10 of Term 2)

In class judging will be held to choose the most clear, expressive readers from each class.

Combined Class Judging – From 31 July - 4 August (Week 3 of Term 3)

Combined class judging will be held to select the semi finalists from each year group.

Dramatic Reading Presentation Final – Monday 21 August

Our Dramatic Reading Presentation Final will be held at Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre at 6:30pm on Monday 21 August. First and second place for both boys and girls will be awarded in each year group.

During the evening of the finals, some of our musically talented students will be presenting items. More information will be sent home once items are finalised, prior to the finals.

Selection of Material for Reading

Material selected for reading needs to be appropriate for the audience and the ethos of our Christian school community. We would ask that stories about witches, wizards, ghosts or vampires be avoided, as these may offend people within our school family. If you are unsure and would like to clarify this further, please speak to your child’s teacher. Please note that Harry Potter and Goosebumps books are to be avoided for this competition.

Judging Criteria

The following criteria will be used in judging and assessing the students at all stages of the competition:

Fluency: Well prepared, with no stumbling over words.

Drama and Expression: Voice modulation - louder, softer as needed, slower for emphasis, voices for characters.

Volume and Clarity: Clearly audible throughout. Each word clearly enunciated.

Presentation: Confident stance, connection to the audience, eye contact.

Difficulty of Text: Text to be of suitable degree of difficulty for student's level. Drama of reading rather than humour to be considered. Reading must be from a published book and the student must have the book with them.

Please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about selecting a piece for your child to read.

We thank you for your support.