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Earth and Beyond

This term in Year 1 we are learning about the Earth’s atmosphere and what is beyond that big, blue sky. We will be looking at weather patterns, the differences between the night and day, what planets are in our solar system and what stars are made of. Our Wow Day was a way to get students excited about our learning topic and begin the process of wondering what we would like to learn about. We discovered what stars are above us during the day using an app on the iPad, we designed our own constellations, we drew rockets, designed and tested a parachute to get astronauts back to Earth and blacked out the classroom for the day so it looked like the night sky. Some of the questions we came up with were:

  • What is the Milky Way made of?
  • How does the sky turn black and blue?
  • How does the sun stay warm?
  • How do shooting stars move?