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Environmentalists of the Future

In Year 2 our environmentalists of the future viewed news clips and looked at some pictures showing pollution in oceans and some sea creatures that are affected by pollution. We recorded how it made us feel. Some people felt sad, some worried, embarrassed, angry and surprised.

We wrote some sentences about why we had these feelings. We also wrote sentences with the beginning “I wonder about…”. Students were able to share what they wondered about pollution.

Some people wrote these “Wonder Questions”

“I wonder why this has happened?’” Rose W
“I wonder how we can fix it?” Dulcie M
“I wonder why people would put rubbish in the ocean?” Jonathan P
“I wonder if we can clean the ocean?” Eamon G

We spent some time working in a group to see if we could have some ideas about how to solve the pollution problem in the ocean. Then we shared our ideas with our Year 2 friends.

We then conducted our own water cleaning experiment and we concluded that water pollution is much easier to create then it is to clean up. We want to make sure that we don’t put pollution into our beautiful world.