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Everyone Belongs

On Harmony Day Wednesday 21 March Kalamunda Christian School students and staff joined the rest of Australia to celebrate cultural diversity and to reinforce the message “everyone belongs”

The day started with students excitedly showing off their national costumes and each class creating a poster with the heading “In our class everyone belongs because…” At recess, students had great fun playing with toys from China, Japan, Indonesia, Finland and Sweden, followed by cultural presentations from Russia, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Japan

For lunch, students shared food from all over the world with each family bringing a special dish. The wonderful day concluded with an assembly, where students acknowledged Noongar country and sang in different languages. These languages included French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Zulu and Noongar.

Based on the smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the day, our Harmony Day was the first of many to follow at Kalamunda Christian School.