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From the Principal – September 2020

Good afternoon KCS Community. I’m so grateful that the weather is starting to give us hints of warmth here and there. As I stand out on duty before school, although I try to find a sunny spot, I feel like I’m rugged up for the Antarctic, meanwhile some of our students are running around without a jumper. During these times the ‘Mum’ in me comes out and I tend to think that if I’m cold then they must also be cold. I usually ask if they have a jumper or blazer at school, more often than not, they do, but don’t feel cold. I think I’ll feel a little more comfortable when the number of layers that I’m wearing, and the number the children are wearing is not so different. The blossoms on the trees outside the Year 3 classroom are in full bloom, surely this is a sign that Spring is on its way and we will all start to feel warmer!

I’ve been having some lovely chats with our new principal, Dr Gregg Weaver. If you’ve had a chance to watch some of the videos, you’ll no doubt be arriving at the same conclusion as me, he is a very warm and approachable gentleman. I feel incredibly confident that he will bring great ideas, strategies and knowledge to our school. Currently Gregg is in self-isolation, but once the fortnight of making sure he is ‘Melbourne germ free’, I’m confident that we will have a chance to meet him and welcome him into the fold.

Dr Weaver has kindly agreed to come and visit us on the last day of term, to watch the Edu-Dance Performance, and then stay after school to meet our students and parents, please be sure to stop and say hello if you are able. Later that day we’ll be holding ‘Twilight Tours, so if you know of anyone that is interesting in joining the KCS community, please feel free to tell them they can book a tour. Remember that our 3 and 5-Day Kindy classes are filling fast and be sure to look out for some KCS advertisements in the local papers!

Psalm 34:8:
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

We are over halfway through the term, and Spring is on its way, rejoice, smell a beautiful flower if you see one (mind the bees!) and tell someone you love them before you go to bed tonight!

Tabatha Grubb
Acting Principal