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From the Principal - Celebrating NAPLAN Results - August 2017

he NAPLAN results have arrived! We have been waiting on these results with great anticipation as we see this as an opportunity to measure ourselves on a national level. It gives us the opportunity to see that we’re on track with our teaching and to identify the areas where we are particularly strong and those in which we can improve.

We have reviewed our results against the State and National Averages and are extremely proud of our 2017 students’ achievements. The year five results have shown a phenomenal four-year upward trend in all areas. We have seen a consistent improvement since 2011, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the programmes we’re running within our school.

Our year three students have also exceeded the State and National mean in all areas. This shows an upward trend in results across the board. We are particularly excited to see a four-year upward trend in writing.

We have spent the last year and a half developing our reading programme and invested heavily in new books and upgrading our resources. This year we’re reaping the benefits of the hard work happening in the classrooms.

It is our responsibility to ensure that students have appropriate knowledge and skills as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. We don’t ‘teach to the test’ as we believe this puts unnecessary pressure on the students and distracts from teaching the curriculum as required. However, we use the NAPLAN results to gather information, which helps to guide our teaching.

Our belief is that all children are capable of making progress when provided with good teaching and support. We focus on identifying students who are either finding the work too challenging or who need further challenges, and then support or extend them within the curriculum. Whilst we don’t expect all students to get top results, we do expect all students to progress in their learning journey.

We recognise that NAPLAN is only a snapshot in time and does not reflect the whole school experience. It is a series of tests conducted in a specific week under specific circumstances. There are a multitude of things that the tests do not show, and no, they do not present a whole picture of an individual. The results do not demonstrate their artistic ability, compassion, sportsmanship or even give a reflection of their passions and strengths. The information that it does give us is only one facet of the whole person. The results, however, do give us an academic overview in each of the learning areas. The staff will now take the opportunity to analyse the results even further and look at whole school growth and the potential areas for improvement.

We commend all of our Year 3 and 5 students and our teachers for their hard work and commitment in continually achieving academic excellence!