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From the Principal - December 2018

Thank you

This is the final full newsletter for 2018 which reminds me how fast Christmas is approaching but also is my last opportunity to share my heartfelt thanks with you.

Last Friday, we hosted our thank you morning tea and it was a wonderful turnout of our amazing group of volunteer parents, grandparents and friends of KCS. It was an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to thank them for their investment not only into our school community but into the lives of individual children with whom they come into contact on a regularly basis. It was a great morning of celebration and a sense of anticipation knowing that holidays are around the corner.

The role of a volunteer cannot be understated because, not only does it allow the school to provide a myriad of great opportunities for students on the sports field but in the classroom or even out an about on an excursion. It’s the extra pair of eyes and hands that are available to help individuals and make the learning that much more personal. Either way, we are incredibly blessed to have our parents invested and engaged in our school.

So, how does this impact our students? What are the benefits to them?

As parents, your contribution in time has meant that 200 students have been able to participate in one of the many after school sports on offer:

  • 6 basketball teams = 48 basketballers
  • 3 soccer teams = 22 soccer players
  • 3 netball teams = 22 netballers
  • 87 swimmers

This is an incredible number of children participating and you have made this possible. Thank you!

Our annual school production has given 50 students the opportunity to walk the boards this year. This is also thanks to our passionate and skilled parents and teachers. Thank you!

We also have 60 students participating in our music program and learning skills in the area of music.

My heart is filled with gratitude as I reflect on the year gone by. So, what am I thankful for?

  • A great year of learning in the classrooms;
  • And more importantly, to each student who is part of the KCS community – each made in the image of God and bearing His characteristics and each with a plan and purpose.
  • So many wonderful opportunities to learn outside the classroom on incursions and excursions;
  • The myriad of opportunities our students have had to develop their giftings whether in sport, music, art or drama;
  • The ongoing provision of great staff;
  • The energy and passion of our staff that provide great opportunities for our students as they go above and beyond;
  • The wonderful support of our parents, many of whom give countless hours and energy to make our school great – we appreciate you!
  • And more importantly, to each student who is part of the KCS community – each made in the image of God and bearing His characteristics and each with a plan and purpose.

We have again achieved much over the past year because we work together as a team, which I believe is one of the greatest strengths of our school. It has been a fantastic year thanks to the partnership, encouragement and hard work of a wonderful parent community working together. Thank you for your time, energy and dedication in supporting your children, our school and staff throughout 2018.

Thanks to All Staff

I believe the true marker of success is what happens in classrooms from one minute to the next: students learning a new skill; teachers praising their effort; the respect and honour that is shown and the connections they share. At Kalamunda Christian School, all staff (teaching and support) have worked hard throughout 2018 to improve the learning opportunities for students.

I acknowledge and thank all staff for the great work they have done this year. The staff at KCS have made a difference!

Thanks to the School Executive Team

I would like to thank each of the School’s Executive team who have continued to build into the school through their hard work, commitment and timely support to the entire KCS community. Thanks to Mrs Grubb (Deputy Principal); Mrs Reed (Head of Learning) and Mrs Wiggill (Business Manager), Mrs Pendal (Primary Coordinator) and Mrs Rimmer (Early Years’ Coordinator). You are outstanding leaders and I am very proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you!


We also farewell some amazing teachers who have contributed greatly to our school. Although it is sad to see our teachers go, it is great knowing that we are losing them to fantastic opportunities in their professional journey.

Thank you to Mr Harris who has become an integral part of our staff and community in such a short time. Mr Harris will be taking up a position at our sister school, Beechboro Christian. We wish him all the best and know that he will continue to build into the students and community as he has at KCS.

Mrs Harrison has been sharing her immense skill and knowledge in Pre-primary over the past year and a half. She has also been a wonderfully encouraging staff member, with a heart for the children she teaches each day. She will be leaving us at the end of the year but we are sure to see her around school.

Mrs Howard has been a parent and teacher at KCS for the past eight years and we’ve been excited to see her career blossom as she’s led subject areas and departments across a number of different schools, specialising in Languages and HASS. The next exciting career path for her is the Head of Languages at Swan Christian College and we recognise her skills and ability to grow this subject area she is so patient about.

We thank these staff for their immense contribution to student learning, engagement and wellbeing and KCS and we wish them all the best on the next stage of their career. They will be very much missed.

Baby news

Children are a blessing from the Lord. ~ Psalm 127:3

We also farewell Mrs Slaney temporarily as she too will be departing us at the end of the year as she eagerly awaits baby #2. We trust that she will enjoy the break with her husband and son as they prepare for another baby blessing.

We are also excited to announce there will be another addition to the Kalamunda Christian School baby family next winter. Congratulations go to Mrs Fleet, who is expecting her first child in July.

To our departing families and students, we wish you all the best wherever you may go. Whatever you strive for and whatever you do, make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

To our returning staff, students and families we look forward to strengthening our relationship with you and embarking on the journey of the 2019 school year together. Stay safe across the holiday period. Rest, relax, refresh and renew.

Blessings to you and your family

Michelle Cockrell