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From the Principal - December 2019

The first promise of peace …

The frenetic pace has been in full swing for awhile … and it’s becoming more so as we only have nine days until Christmas. There’s so much that needs doing and so little time in which to do it!

I need table decorations, gifts for family and friends … and the wrapping paper that matches the decorations on the tree … I still haven’t written the Christmas cards … and what about some homebaked goods … oh, the pressure!

Where is the peace that was promised at this time of year?

When baby Jesus was born, He was called the Prince of Peace. But it seems to me, that PEACE has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas anymore. All of the hustle and bustle has got so many of us running ragged and quite exhausted. Instead of peace, we are filled with anxiety and stress to meet the Christmas Day deadline.

Consider this: The circumstances of the first Christmas were very stressful, too. There was an unmarried, pregnant teenager. There was a scared but faithful fiancé. There was no room in the inn. There were smelly animals and scratchy straw. There was an unidentified star in the sky.

Yet God gave the gift of prevailing peace in that story in the same way He longs to give our hearts the gift of peace. How did Mary and Joseph overcome the chaos of their circumstances and embrace peace instead? They trusted in God and this brought comfort and kept them steady in their faith and circumstance. Perfect peace isn’t dependent on circumstances. It comes from a steadfast, trusting heart.

Christmas celebrates that God became a human and stepped right into the middle of our hurting, angry, chaotic world to bring us peace—peace among people and, even more importantly, peace with God. May I encourage you to spend time reflecting on the wonderful gift that was given to us in the form of a vulnerable child? A king entered the world in a manner not expected and did so much more than was anticipated. He wasn’t a king for a time, He is king for eternity!

I pray that you have a relaxing and refreshing holiday break and look forward to seeing you again ready for 2020. Enjoy your time with family and friends over the holiday period and I look forward to catching up with you next year and sharing holiday stories.

Blessings to you and your family,

Michelle Cockrell