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From the Principal - February 2019

It’s been a wonderfully exciting week as we’ve welcomed students and parents back to school. The school grounds have been abuzz with excitement as we gear up for all the wonderful happenings of the new academic year.

On Tuesday, we met together as a whole school to officially welcome students back on board and had a mini ‘party’ where we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed an icy pole to celebrate the 35th year of Kalamunda Christian School’s existence. Watch this space as there will be a lot more happening across the year to celebrate this special year!

As I walked through the classes this week, I was reminded of the exuberance and joy that seems to be innately present in children. It was a delight to see so many students catching up with their teachers and friends and renewing acquaintances on the playgrounds as well as engaging with the learning in their classrooms.

We know that a sense of belonging is important for a child’s wellbeing and gives children a much better chance of learning effectively and achieving academically. We want all our students, new and returning, to feel that they are a valued part of our school community.

Our teachers make an important contribution to creating an environment where children will thrive emotionally, socially and academically.

For those parents who are new to the school this year, our teachers regularly collaborate on how to effectively develop and enhance this positive learning environment. Our Deputy Principal, Mrs Tabatha Grubb, and Chaplain, Mrs Clare Oudman, work closely with our teachers to support them as they care for individuals and groups of students. Over the course of this year, we will be running new initiatives which focus particularly on friendship, wellbeing and belonging. We will be sharing more information about this in the coming term.

Parents who have any concerns about their child’s needs, whether they be academic, spiritual, social or emotional are encouraged to contact their child’s class teacher. This will provide information which Mrs Grubb and Mrs Oudman are able to use to support the class teacher to provide the most appropriate care your child may need.

I am looking forward to a great term, filled with great opportunities to engage, to converse and to grow together!

Michelle Cockrell