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From the Principal - February 2020

A warm welcome back KCS family … and an extra special welcome to all those who are new to our school community this year. Whilst the December / January holidays may seem like a distant memory, I hope you were able to share some relaxing times with family and friends, a chance to enjoy a well-earned rest over the Christmas break and build special memories with your loved ones.

Our staff have certainly rested and are energised and ready for another great year of learning with your children. Many teachers were in early this year to prepare and rearrange the classroom space to maximise engagement and the learning experiences for the children. I’m sure you’ll agree that the rooms were inviting and well-organised on the first day back.

It has been fabulous to see so many happy faces around the school over the past few days. The children have been eager to familiarise themselves with their new classrooms and share their holiday adventures as they catch up with friends and teachers. Our younger students are quickly settling into their new routine while the older students have been helping the younger children adjust and feel welcome.

I always enjoy visiting the classes, catching up with students and hearing their stories; the start of the year has been no exception. There is that wonderful sense of being filled by the voices of excited chatter of new experiences had, additions to families – babies and pets – and a sense of being ready for whatever the new year brings. We are very fortunate to have such lovely students as well as a team of passionate, experienced and nurturing teachers to walk alongside them.

We look forward to working with you all and to a year full of opportunities. Together, we will make this school year another one of growth and achievement for all children.

Michelle Cockrell