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From the Principal - July 2020

It has been an honour and privilege to work with you during my time as Principal at KCS and I am proud of the journey we have shared together and the many accomplishments we have achieved for our students over the years.

As I reflect on this time, I am deeply touched by the children who have been here for either a season or their entire primary school experience. There are so many wonderful stories that I’ve heard, or been a part of, that have been heart-warming. These individual stories make teaching such a rewarding job; a humbling experience knowing that we are touching the future. As I’ve said previously, we may have the next John Howard, Cate Blanchett, Cathy Freeman or Paul Jennings in our classes. Who knows what the future holds for these beautiful children, but we do indeed know who is holding the future!

It has been a huge blessing to be part of each child’s journey at KCS. It’s been wonderful seeing them embrace opportunities and find their love of learning in an area they hadn’t previously realised that would ignite their passion. I have loved watching the students participate in the school production and hearing of their aspirations; we’ve enjoyed the many gifts and talents of those who participated in KCS Factor; the Reading Competition has been another great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills. And then, we’ve had our sporting events for our avid sportspeople … children not only had the opportunity to challenge each other but compete against other schools or participate in early morning and after school sports. We’ve also had afternoon activities such as STEM Club and Chess where children could stretch themselves and grow. This variety has played a role in contributing towards shaping the people they are becoming. And of course, we couldn’t do this without our amazing parent volunteers who have contributed to the learning experiences by giving their time and expertise to build into, not only your own children, but others too. You are a great blessing to our community!

We recognise that it’s not always an easy job to shield our children from the harsh realities of the world and with the bombardment of information, they learn a lot more than may be healthy. We all play our part in keeping them safe. That said, we recognise too how awesome it is we can share that they have been created in the image of a loving God, that they’ve been created for a purpose and they are loved!

While I consider it an immense blessing to be part of this school, I need to add that I am most proud of the amazing staff who call KCS home. They are hard-working and passionate about learning – they walk the learning journey daily, not because it’s their job but because it’s their calling! The KCS team is a strong one where all staff strive to develop the strong foundations that allow students to confidently step into the next phase of their schooling and embrace the opportunities and challenges that await them. I know the hearts of our teachers and I know that this school is a wonderful place for students to grow; academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

I have no doubt as I farewell my KCS family, it will continue to run smoothly. Mrs Grubb will be holding the baton (again) to lead KCS in the interim. Together with a strong team behind her, I have no doubt that Term 3 will be a successful one.

Dr Weaver will be joining the team in Term 4 and I am confident the school will continue to grow in strength, meeting the challenges of educating students in a changing world.

My prayer for you, as a School community, is taken from Numbers 6: 24 – 26:

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift shine his face upon you and give you peace.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Peace and blessings,
Michelle Cockrell