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From the Principal - March 2018

One of the most enjoyable parts of being Principal at Kalamunda Christian School is the opportunity to see each class in the school.The younger children are far less inhibited and happy to share their

thoughts and ideas. Nothing is too difficult yet and they laugh with great abandon.

Last week, I loved spending time making Playfoam cakes in Kindergarten; I was advised not to eat it as the cupcakes were only make believe!

There was a great amount of fun and laughter around the table - I feel blessed to be able to share these moments with our youngest students.The Year 2's on the other hand, were a little more serious. One of the reading groups was involved in a game of Spelling Bingo and another shared the adventures of Geronimo Stilton. It amazes me how much they've progressed from beginning readers to reading chapter books so fluently and being able to analyse text and understand the nuances of the passage.

It has also been great to engage in conversation with our Year 6's around being involved in the school and serving others, about buddy benches and American dodgeball.

As our children grow older, there is a change of interest, the conversations look a little different and there are glimpses of the young men and women they're becoming.

You know that your children are growing all the time.They get taller, their features change and their vocabularies grow. The roots of a tree are the sign of how the tree will grow in future years.I was catching up with one of our parents at a basketball game a few weeks ago and she expressed her thoughts around this. In her opinion, KCS was a "great grounding for her child", providing a nurturing and safe environment for her to develop confidence in herself so she could "stand tall" amongst her peers now that she has moved on to secondary schooling.

What brilliant imagery of the growth of our children - and a great testimony to the partnership between home and school!