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From the Principal - May 2019

On Friday, we had the privilege of celebrating 35 years of serving students and their families within our community. It’s been 35 years of growing hearts, growing minds and growing futures.

It is true to say that we stand on the shoulders of giants! These “giants” are those who looked into the future and had a shared vision of having their children attend a school where the Christian faith and values could support what they felt to be fundamentally true. It was a vision for a school that would align with what was being taught at home and at church; a place where they could learn about the awesome God of the universe and where the seeds were sown for the Kingdom. It was a vision where children could learn and grow. Where they could flourish and dream. A place where they could explore and wonder.

And today, we are continuing that vision – the KCS community is one that grows children’s hearts. We continue to instil the values of what could be seen as a ‘bygone era’, but these are the values that keep us grounded and enable us to be contributors to society, not consumers. It is one that allows us to be more outward focused allow us to see the hearts of others and view others with compassion and grace.

Academically, KCS is going from strength to strength – but it isn’t all about a standardised score – it’s about meeting children where they’re at and leading and guiding them in their own learning journey. Yes, we strive for our students to be literate and numerate but underpinning that is also an explicit understanding that they need to learn the ‘soft skills’ that will give them the best chance at success in later life.

We don’t know where our children are going to find themselves. We are preparing them for a future that is unknown. We are preparing them for jobs that have not yet been created. Who knows whether we have the next Cate Blanchett, Andy Griffiths or Ian Thorpe in our midst? We may have the next Billy Graham or Howard Florey in our classrooms. We may be teaching the next Quentin Bryce grammar skills and spelling rules!

And so, as in years gone by, this school continues to provide opportunities to grow and to learn. Our aim is for them to develop strong roots, for this will provide the launching pad from which they can fly.

Friday was indeed a day where we celebrated with all our families, past and present, as our village continues to invest into the future of our children, our nation and indeed the world.