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From the Principal - May 2020

Welcome back to Term 2! As you are aware, the last six weeks have been an incredibly challenging time for everyone. The COVID-19 virus has impacted on every aspect of our daily lives. Education has been no exception. I do want to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Kalamunda Christian School.

We’ve opened our doors (to our students) this week and it’s been wonderful to have so many of them return to class. The mornings have seen staff manning the top and bottom carparks and how greatly encouraging it was to see so many excited faces (both parents and students)!

What has been a talking point is the confidence of the students who have been away from school for several weeks and have taken to the new ‘normal’ like ducks to water. The last three mornings have seen the children hopping out of their cars, grabbing their bags, waving goodbye confidently; ready to engage in the day.

Our Pre-Primary students are to be commended on their resilience. The staff who have accompanied them are blown away by their growing independence. Mrs Clarke enthusiastically reported, “They are incredible! They know what they need from their bags and know exactly where to place it in the class! It’s like they have a little checklist going in their minds to ensure they don’t forget anything.” We weren’t sure how they would go, as they were expected to be dropped off with staff and not being assisted to their classrooms by Mums and Dads. They have risen to the challenge and embraced the change with no hesitation.

Mrs Smith says, “The children are confident and joyful about arriving at school and keen to take charge of organising themselves. They’re flexible with the changes and are comfortable trying new things. This is learning life skills 1-0-1 and will set them up for the future.”

We are also incredibly proud of the older siblings who have taken on the role of carer / nurturer of their younger sisters and brothers. They have guided them in the mornings and led them in the afternoons ready for pick up.

As we’ve welcomed students on site, we’ve also had the opportunity to meet Rex (a 6-week old fur baby) and Leo (a fur baby the size of a horse). Not to worry, they have followed the COVID-19 restrictions and remained in their cars). We’ve also met the newest addition to one of our families, little Lana. She accompanies her mum and three siblings each day. We also wish to congratulate our families who have had beautiful new bubs during the past month and a half: Collet, Trojer and Bongiorno families. And we recognise God’s providence of wonderful blessings in the midst of the most difficult times.

The start of the term has been uncertain, exciting, challenging, heartwarming and gives us a sense of hope for what is to come. We cannot thank you enough, our community, for making this transition as smooth as it has been. It’s been a wonderful demonstration of our community spirit, cooperation and support for one another.

Peace and blessings,
Michelle Cockrell