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From the Principal - November 2018

As I reflect on the term so far, I am excited to see all the wonderful opportunities that have been presented to engage, excite and educate our students. It is immensely gratifying to see the delight and wonder as the children lean into these experiences and develop new skills and interests.

The classrooms are looking amazing and form a central part of the great learning that is happening across the school. Teachers have organised WOW days, during which students have been immersed in the learning for the term; fabulous excursions have allowed students to engage in hands-on opportunities to explore and learn beyond the classroom and there have been interesting incursions that have stretched the minds and the learning of each student.

At the beginning of the term, our Interhouse Athletics Carnival saw our athletes giving of their best in the races, showing true skill, grit and determination. The day culminated in a mass participation afternoon of activities and events in which all students took part and demonstrated their gross motor skills at a range of stations – it was a great way to include all students, as well as to see some parents getting in on the fun! Our littlies also had their Sports Fun Day and had the chance to take part at different stations as they too immersed themselves in all the fun.

In between all the great things happening across the school, we have our sport program going full steam ahead. Our basketball is still going strong with practices happening in the afternoons and matches on Monday evenings. Mrs Oudman and her team have reached their maximum capacity for participants in swimming on Tuesdays and Friday mornings! Eighty students in total are participating in our weekly swimming program. It continues to amaze us as we see their progress as they master the strokes and learn new skills from week to week!

All these experiences allow us to continue growing hearts and minds, which in turn will build into part of who each child is and where they will go. All these opportunities and experiences allow our children to grow and develop to explore and to wonder… and the impact of this has far reaching effects. Who knows whether we have the next Ian Thorpe gliding in our swimming program in the mornings? We may have Ben Simmons dashing across our KCS courts or perhaps the next Nicole Kidman is waiting in the KCS wings … who knows what fantastic things are awaiting our students?

Last week culminated in fifty students taking part in the fabulous 2018 production, Peter Pan. Children from Year 3 – 6 had the opportunity to explore their creative side and learn a different set of skills as they embraced all things dramatic! These skills that are learnt on the stage adds another dimension to the learning that is happening across the school.

Thank you to Mrs Rimmer, Mrs Burne, Mrs Fleet and Mrs Ballantyne for running with your third production in three years. You took students who were interested and excited and with time, patience and commitment developed their skills, abilities and talents in the acting arena. It was a fantastic production with a great deal of complexity and our students mastered it! Well done to you talented ladies.

I would also like to thank all the staff members who have been involved in some way or another over the year to make this possible: a massive thank you to those who helped with the background work leading up to the production, thank you to those who supported and helped the directors, who looked after students and organised much welcomed cups of tea! Thanks to our filming crew for capturing these special moments on camera; thank you to those who attended on the nights to assist with the front of house chores: helping at the doors, sales of T-shirts and programs, showing audience members to their seats and serving coffee, tea and snacks.

Thank you to each parent and grandparent who helped make it another fantastic event. Thank you to Rob Vletter - set design and making of the back drops; Fi Fasolo - consulting and coordinating the stage painting crew; Jamie Gilkison - loan of mics and staging, set design advice, Ian Ballantine and Dave Llewellyn - prop making; Janelle Ramsden - face painting; Michelle & Anna Plaistowe - costumes and backstage help; Yvonne Schultz and Diana McRoberts - costumes and Emma Vermaak – backstage help; and to all our parents, students and greater community who contributed to the success of the evening, thank you. Our students have developed another skill to tuck away in their tool belts of life. We thank you and salute you!