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From the Principal - November 2019

Last Thursday and Friday nights showcased the amazing talents of our students and staff as our KCS community gathered together to enjoy the 2019 production of Aladdin Trouble. This year’s production again unveiled the diverse talents of our young Year 3 – 6 thespians.

American writer, Mark Twain, said “Dreams can come true, but there is a secret. They are realized through the magic of persistence, determination, commitment, passion, practice, focus, and hard work. They happen a step at a time manifested over years, not weeks.”

In this case it manifested over the past eight months as students and staff gathered together on Thursday afternoons to learn their lines, build their skills and work together towards a common goal. Fifty plus students demonstrated commitment, determination and passion as they worked together as a team to bring us the Middle Eastern folktale of Aladdin … with a twist! What a marvellous celebration it was! Each production that I attend, I am again astounded by the maturity, confidence and talent of our students.

There are many recognised benefits of participating in performance arts – it helps promote and develop certain skills and characteristics such as empathy and compassion for others. It extends to emotional creativity and can open children to new ways of seeing the world. In group settings, the focus is less on winning or losing and more about working together as a team towards a shared performance goal, as well as the child’s individual journey of development. Participating in performances such as these, is a great way to create a well-rounded education.

Participation in the arts helps develop skills in problem solving, perseverance and resilience - skills that support people become healthy, well-rounded individuals. It also helps develop creative thinking, concentration and teamwork and provides the opportunity to learn and practice these key competencies for the future that develops confidence and self-esteem.

And so, we wish to acknowledge and profusely thank our two directors, Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Burne, for not only creating the unique learning experience of stage craft but for providing an opportunity to try something ‘different’ and realise in many of our students a passion for acting as they blossomed under the bright lights of the stage. They have worked tirelessly over the past three terms to bless us with another outstanding production of noteworthy proportions. We are looking forward to what next year brings!

Safety When Walking or Cycling to School

Walking, riding or scooting to and from school is a great way to work towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, every day. Children who are active are more likely to develop healthy habits that lead to lifelong health benefits.

It is important to remind students about the behaviours that help keep us safe as pedestrians around traffic. This is particularly important for students walking to and from school, unsupervised by adults.

Generally speaking, children under the age of twelve do not have the neuro-physiological and psychological development to cope with complex traffic situations on their own.

Road safety authorities recommend that before the age of nine or ten years children should not ride a bicycle in traffic without adult supervision. Depending on their cycling skills and experience, some children over this age may still require supervision.

Children under the age of twelve may ride on footpaths as may a supervising adult. They are required to give way to pedestrians and to wheel their bicycles over pedestrian and children’s crossings. Children aged twelve years or older are required by law to ride on the road.

Refer to the following Constable Care road safety tips to discuss with your children prior to them using the roads: https://www.cccsf.org.au/news/back-to-school-safety-tips/

Student Safety - Before and After School

Parents and carers are reminded that supervision of students at school commences from 8:10 am each day. Teachers remain on duty until 3:15 pm. Before 8:10 am and after 3:15pm, staff are regularly in timetabled planning, preparation and professional learning sessions.

Students who arrive before 8:10 am must be seated in the courtyard outside Room 7 until the duty teacher dismisses them.