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From the Principal - October 2017

We’ve had a fabulously busy start to our final term of the year.

Not only have we been busy engaging students in the classroom and ensuring that all areas of the curriculum have been covered prior to finalizing our year, which is a mere six weeks away, but we have hosted a number of events and activities that have given students an opportunity to shine (and develop) in different ways.

The first Friday of Term 4 saw our students going head to head with each other and pitting their strength and skills on the track at yet another successful Inter House Athletics Carnival. How blessed we were to have such a beautiful day with the track looking good and smiles on the faces of all in attendance. The enthusiasm, team spirit and sportsmanship displayed by our students was great and we are very proud of them all. Our faction winner for the 2017 Athletics Carnival … is Taylor. Well done!

The carnival was swiftly followed by Grandparents’ Day; a morning dedicated to our grandparents and ‘grand friends’ who play such an important role in the lives of this generation of society.

Grandparents are often the bridge between what was and what is; they teach about the past whilst connecting to the present … The relationship of grandparents and grandchildren is so unique because it is so full of hope and expectation. Grandparents are important to children in so many ways and have stories to tell and interesting games to play … usually not device dependent. Possibly in years to come, children may remember cards or board games as ‘old fashioned games’, … but oh, the good times associated with them; where families get to talk to each other, laugh together, connect!

One of our grandparents, who was also one of the first parents at our school way back in 1984, reflected on the history of Kalamunda … she said, “A school is more than just a collection of buildings or even a place in which to gain knowledge. It’s what is in the hearts of the people who work there and the community of the school parent body. The trust and love shown by dedicated staff who care for the needs of all the children in their care.”

Remarkably that was 33 years ago and is still true today. We are more than a collection of buildings … we are more than a place to gain knowledge … we are about the heart, the community, the people. Our core focus is on growing hearts and growing minds.

Last week our students gave an outstanding performance of ‘Olivia’ at KPAC on Thursday and Friday night. What an amazing display of the creative talents of our students and staff who choreographed the performance. Over the two nights we had 500 people watch the show. Congratulations to Carrie Burne, Jess Menage, Kate Rimmer and all of the other staff that assisted in making this production an outstanding one. The school production taught the students how to work as a team, take risks, push themselves and improve their social and leadership skills all while having fun and learning the art of stagecraft.

We are looking forward to the next six weeks of the term which is also jammed packed with some wonderful opportunities and activities to keep students engaged.

Warmest regards

Michelle Cockrell