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From the Principal – September 2019

Schools are busy places. They are places where we grow and do life together. They are places where friendships are forged, relationships are built and where community gathers.

Loosely defined, community is a close group of people who interact with one another and who share common values and beliefs or behaviours.

When we are part of community, we identify with the place and people and develop a sense of belonging. We have the opportunity to interact with different people and build into their lives as they build into ours.

Spend an afternoon on the school grounds and you’ll no doubt experience that sense of community, engagement and belonging. It’s a place where mums bring picnic blankets and relax while the children burn off some of their energy after school. It’s a place where coffee catch ups are organized … after drop off, of course. It’s a place where playdates are arranged and social events are confirmed. What a blessing it is to have a place where we are able to connect and where we ‘belong’.

Last Thursday we had a wonderful morning where our community of dads gathered together over delicious bacon and egg burgers, coffee and good conversation. Afterwards, they joined their children in the classroom and I’m sure that both students and dads alike were very pleased that the activities they did together was hands on, competitive and fun. No formal lessons ran but an immense amount of learning was happening.

Following on from the breakfast, we celebrated our little people’s dads! Last night, our Kick Start and Kindy dads were welcomed into the classrooms to enjoy an evening of fun! The theme for the evening was “Dad is my Superhero”. The shaving cream was ready, the Lego bucket was full and ready for little (and not so little) hands to create and build, and the sausage sizzle ensured that everyone had enough energy to keep going. I’m not sure who was more excited, the children or their dads!

KCS forms part of a broader community, the Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) community and this week we are hosting a total of 125 students and 25 staff members from across our network of schools. They will be participating in our annual Performing Arts Workshop. What a wonderful opportunity it is for staff and students to meet new people, make new friends and together, make beautiful music.

Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common. Sarah Dessen

Life challenges us as individuals, families and communities and when we lend a helping hand to encourage, support and bless, we build something better and stronger. It gives us a sense of belonging when we recognize there are people around us who want us to succeed. We see community in action. When people work together, wonderful things happen!

Together, let’s encourage one another to ensure our school is a place where we build strong relationships, where we can have rich conversations and where we demonstrate deep concern for others. Through building into the lives of our community, we will shape our children for the complexities of life.

Many blessings
Michelle Cockrell