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Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

On Friday the 6th of September members of the KCS community attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast at Crown Casino. Mr Craig Clarke, Mrs Michelle Cockrell, Mrs Tabatha Grubb and Year 6 students Amelia and Max joined many distinguished guests including the patron of the event, the WA Governor Kim Beasley, at a 7am breakfast. Brian Pickering was the keynote speaker and shared his journey in becoming the National Co-ordinator of the Australian Prayer Network. Our students also had the opportunity to speak briefly with the new SCEA CEO, Dr Graeme Cross.

Max shared -

It was such a great experience for Amelia and I as KCS students in our final year of primary school to attend this gathering of people from around Perth. The speeches were interesting to listen to. The keynote speaker, Brian Pickering, reminded us that we need to have faith in Jesus, and He will guide us because he is faithful. We felt it was a privilege to hear the WA Governor, Kim Beazley, speak to everyone, and we were happy that we could be a part of that.

Amelia shared -

It was a great opportunity to attend this breakfast, given that many of the other student representatives were high school students. I enjoyed the many prayers directed towards the different aspects of Australian community. The prayers were for the entire nation, the state, businesses, workplaces, community and the youth sector. The food was delightful; it was lovely to be served at our tables. I felt honoured to be invited to attend on behalf of the KCS student body.