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Harmony Day - Thursday 21 March

At Kalamunda Christian School we celebrate different cultures and wish to build inter-cultural understanding and foreign language skills in our students.

Harmony Day is a special celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity and the continuing message of the day is 'Everyone Belongs'.

To celebrate Harmony Day, we will have a special assembly for Years 1 – 6 on Thursday 21 March at 2:00pm. Each class will present a song in a language other than English and parents are invited to join us to see the performances.

Please note that students will not be sharing food, however children may wish to bring international food in their own lunch boxes to enjoy.

What to Wear

To help the Year 1 - 6 children look their best for their special assembly on Thursday 21 March, students are invited to wear cultural costume for the day. Alternatively, students may wear colours to represent the theme their class has chosen as follows:

Year Group

Class Theme

Flag Colours

Year 1

Indigenous Australia

Red, Black, Yellow

Year 2

South Africa

Black, Gold, Green, White, Red, Blue

Year 3

South Africa

Black, Gold, Green, White, Red, Blue

Year 4

New Zealand

Blue, Red, White

Year 5

Auslan Sign Language

Any Plain Coloured T-Shirt

Year 6


Red, Yellow

Please note that on Thursday 21 March Kick Start have their planned garden dress up day as part of their ‘In My Garden’ theme. Kick Start children are invited to come to school dressed up as something from their garden.

The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary cultural dress up day will be on Friday 22 March.

In Pre-primary we will be celebrating Harmony week. Each day we are highlighting a culture and country of one of our class members. This will then be celebrated on Friday 22 March with the opportunity to dress up for the day in cultural dress.

Cultural Learning Opportunities

During recess and lunch, Years 1 – 6 will have opportunities to learn games and play with toys from different cultures. Parents from our school community will also conduct cultural activities from the country of their birth.

If you would like to contribute to the day, with either cultural activities or by bringing in toys from another country for students to play with, please advise Mikael Sandlund at mikael.sandlund@kalamundacs.wa.edu.au.

We look forward to a fun day of cultural experiences.