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Kindergarten Weather Watchers

This term in Kindergarten we are learning about the seasons and the weather.

Our winter mud incursion was a big hit with the kids as we got to squelch in mud, mould with clay, make mud pies and paint our faces with colourful mud!

Throughout the term we are keeping a weather chart which helps us identify the weather and temperature for each day.

We are also doing many activities about all different types of weather and what happens in each season. We are reading stories, singing songs, cloud watching and creating lots of different art pieces.

For Summer we discussed how we like to have cold drinks and eat ice-cream, so we set up an ice-cream parlour in the play corner and also had a small-world beach. We made beautiful sun catchers with dried flowers and herbs from the garden.

We have been lucky enough to experience different kinds of weather and temperatures during this winter season.