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Learning to Lead Through Community Outreach

Today Mrs Oudman’s Humility Learning To Lead group visited Hillside Church Community Outreach. They came loaded with pantry items and helped pack food parcels for people in hardship in our local community. They thoroughly enjoyed volunteering their time.

Here is what a few students had to say about their day:

I liked how we helped the people in need.” - Abbie

“I loved helping make the crates full of food and seeing all the people get their food for the week but it was also really sad to see all the people that were actually there, but it was really fun to help out.” - Riley

I loved going to the church because all the people there are nice, and I also like helping people in need.” - Charli

“I enjoyed the excursion today because it taught me that it is important not to take for granted what you have and be grateful.” - Ana

“It was one of the best experiences I have ever have in my life!” - Nick

“It was a great experience and I just realised how many people can't feed themselves or others.” - Alex

It was fun because we were able to help a community that devotes their own time to help people that need food.” - Elliot

I would love to go back to the Hillside church and volunteer again with my friends.” - John

“I thought this experience was amazing I learned that everyday people can make the world better.” - Lorenzo