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Lines of Communication

Welcome back to school for Term 1. We look forward to partnering with you in your child's learning journey throughout the coming year.

The class teacher plays a significant role in your child's life and should always be the first point of contact on matters of curriculum, behaviour and pastoral care. The class teacher has intimate knowledge of your child’s academic, social and emotional needs at school and is in a key position to discuss these with you.

It is important that class teachers and parents work together to establish positive relationships that enable specific learning and developmental goals that benefit your child’s learning in the classroom and at home.

Discussing a Concern

An appointment which enables a teacher to be prepared will contribute to a favourable outcome. To facilitate this, we recommend that you:

  • have a clear idea of the concerns you would like to address and what outcome you wish to receive
  • talk about current issues and what is happening now
  • come with the understanding that we will endeavour to work together in a way that benefits your child’s learning

Finding the Right Time

It may not be practical to have an extended conversation lasting more than a couple of minutes during drop-off and pick-up times. It is best to arrange a time when you and your child’s teacher can meet to discuss the issue in detail without distractions.

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment directly with the teacher or via Reception. When you make an appointment, please advise the teacher what you would like to speak about. This ensures that everyone is clear about what will be discussed.


Your child sees things differently from how an adult would. The situation may require the class teacher’s perspective as well as your child’s before the whole picture is clear and a solution can be formulated. Please keep an open mind when discussing concerns or issues that have arisen.

You are welcome to make appointments throughout the year to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress.

Please refer to the flow chart of communication chart that clearly outlines the best person to see should any issues arise.

Click here for Lines of Communication Flow Chart