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Maths in Every Day Life

On Fridays in Year 5 the mathematics lessons are transformed into MIEDL (Maths in Everyday Life). The aim of these lessons is to allow students to apply the topics they have covered in mathematics during the week to everyday life. The lessons are hands on and involve the students thinking about the relevance of mathematics.

We began this year finding out how factors can be used in our shopping. The following week I had a parent come up to me and tell me that when she was looking at buying toilet rolls her son told her that the ones that she was buying were not the best value as he could calculate the value of each roll in the pack and there was another pack that was better value. She was amazed!

The following week we looked at the relevance of rounding. The students were very excited to explain that they were just like their parents as they could see how their parents would use rounding in their everyday jobs.

We have also baked cookies while students had to solve fraction problems to work out the amount of ingredients for their recipes.

It has been exciting seeing the students realise the relevance of mathematics and this in turn has led to an excitement in solving mathematical problems. One student commented, while completing a budgeting challenge, “This is the best lesson ever.”

Last week another student made this comment after MIEDL, “MIEDL is fun because when you get the maths right it feels good because then you get a good feeling. It’s not just the reward but that you worked with friends and achieved something. It is so much fun.”

As teachers it has been wonderful seeing the students realise the value of mathematics, apply it to their lives and come to school on Fridays very excited about what we are going to be doing in MIEDL that day.