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Meet Mrs Tabatha Grubb - Deputy Principal / Year 5 Teacher

I was born here in Perth, and I’m the eldest of three children.I have lived all over Australia, the only state I have never been to is Tasmania. I have been married for 25 years. My husband and I love to travel, our most recent travel destination was Vietnam in 2017. My hobbies include reading (a lot!) and spending time with my family. I am the proud mother of two children, Lachlan (Year 9) and Alayna (Year 8). My children both came to KCS from Kindy to Year 6.

I finished my primary teaching degree at ECU in the early 90s, and then went on to further study to become a Teacher of the Deaf. Before coming to KCS in 2009, I taught in government schools, both in mainstream education and deaf education. I did an interpreters course in Auslan, and often teach our students snippets of sign language.

I am passionate about being an educator. For me, the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is when I know a student is struggling, but they persist, and with my support, the imaginary light globe goes off on top of their heads and I hear, “Ohhhh, I get it now!”. This is usually followed by a big smile and a renewed bounce in their step, money cannot buy this feeling.

I feel strongly about Explicit Instruction in English and maths, so students have a solid foundation for all learning. I am also keen to develop the minds of our students through inquiry and problem solving. Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” I feel confident that our school delivers a well-rounded, high quality education to all children (including my own, not so long ago).

I believe in having a growth mindset, teaching our children that they can grow their skills and talents through hard work and persistence. I feel driven to remind our students that they are in competition with only themselves, to be a better than the person they were yesterday. Mistakes are an amazing way to learn new things and are to be celebrated as an opportunity for growth and development. I believe that school is not just for learning academic outcomes, it’s about so much more! School is about relationships and learning about who we are as God’s creations. I maintain that life is not about ‘things’, it is about experiences and making the world a better place, one day at a time.

In my role as Deputy, my most satisfying moments take the form of conversations with students about the choices they make. Chatting and delving into thought processes, understanding perspectives and seeking solutions to challenging situations is very rewarding. I enjoy talking through events and fact finding, trying to piece information together like a detective. Sometimes it would be nice if it didn’t take so long though! Having said this though, it takes as long as it takes, and cannot be rushed.