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Melting Moments

Our Year 3 students have been developing their love of science this term with the topic of Melting Moments. The children observed materials which were placed in the oven for 15 minutes or in the fridge or freezer for three hours. Here are some observations from our pupils about their experiments:

In science we learned about viscosity. Viscosity means how fast liquid flows. It was fun because we got to freeze, melt and cool solids and liquids. By Charles W
Two of the materials we used for melting were condensed milk and sugar. The condensed milk turned into a dark brown coloured caramel and the sugar stayed a solid. By Cohen P
For the freezing we used water and honey. We predicted that the water would turn into ice and that the honey would become a solid. It was fun and interesting, especially the part where we put the condensed milk into the oven. By Emily H
We’re looking forward to our Scitech excursion this week where we hope to learn more about materials. By Heidi C