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A Message From Dr Gregg Weaver

Dear KCS families

I so appreciate being given a chance to share a few thoughts ahead ofmy official commencement in October. Already my wife Kathryn and I have experienced such unexpected and deeply appreciated support and welcome from so many associated with the school and the wider SCEA family. It’s great that I am able to now be involved in a couple of school events before the end of this term where I can start meeting not only staff and students, but current and prospective parents.

Could I commend Tabatha Grubb for her fine leadership and thank her for providing opportunities to link in via video with her and some students, to share a little about myself and the bright future I see for KCS. As explained then, and touched on in a short article in your local community newspaper last week, I see as fundamental to the mission, life and future of Kalamunda Christian School the following focuses.

  • A vibrant and attractive culture comprising care, respect, belonging and optimism
  • Every student flourishing in their learning and wellbeing reflected in outcomes spanning character, academics, creativity, service and so much more
  • Sound contemporary, innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning
  • Genuine partnership with families and meaningful service to the wider community
  • All these undergirded by and infused with vital Christian life marked by faith, hope and love.

To be honest I can’t wait to start, to get to know you all, and see what is accomplished for the benefit of all and for the glory of God.

Dr Gregg Weaver