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Marvellous Clay Creature Creations

In Term 1, Year 6 students have enjoyed getting their hands dirty creating a “My Marvellous Creation” out of clay. Their creation had been inspired by the book “George’s Marvellous Medicine” by Road Dahl, which they have been studying in class as part of their integrated program, as well as the amazing creatures of the Fremantle artist Shaun Tan.

The students started by looking at various works considered “art” by society and writing their own definition of “art”. They then carefully planned their own creation, using the art elements of form, colour and texture to bring about an emotional response in the viewer. We can’t wait to see the final products after a gloss finish to their clay figurines and a few chosen embellishments like sequins and feathers.

by Lachlan B - Year 6:

This term in art, we have been making ‘Marvellous Clay Creature Creations’ that don’t exist. Shaun Tan, a Fremantle Artist, has inspired us to create weird and wacky Creatures. In his drawings he uses really life features from animals, human and everyday objects, like a knife and fork and mixes them together to create new creatures.
We have been learning how to use warm and cool colours, to give different effects to our creatures, like is it a nice or grumpy creature? We have also been using items, like forks, to create texture on our creatures. When we got to use the clay, we were very excited! To give it the finishing touch, we added the paint from our plans, and it was fit for an art Gallery! I wonder what we will do next term in art!

by Shayne H - Year 6

In art, for the last few weeks, we have been planning and creating our unique and imaginative clay creatures. Our goal is to create something amazing that no-one has ever thought of before.We have been learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. When we were planning, we had to think carefully about whether to use cool or warm colours. We also had to use shading and unique textures to our animals to bring strong emotions to the viewers. Art is a creative and imaginative way of bringing life’s strong emotions to everyone.