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NAPLAN Results

A lot of questions automatically arise in a parent’s mind when we first receive our child’s NAPLAN results: Where did they rank? How do they compare to norms? How do they compare to others? What we learn from these results, and the value we place on them, will vary from family to family and possibly even child to child.

The 2019 NAPLAN results you recently received, give us the opportunity to identify trends, areas of strength and inform the school of areas in which we can improve. These results only form a narrow snapshot of a student and doesn’t take into account the uniqueness and value of each student - their participation in events; musical talents; sporting skills; artistic abilities or their passions, warmth and strong relationships. It is important to remember that our value is not based on what we achieve but is all about who we are!

A few years ago, a letter written by a principal in the UK went viral. The letter included results from standardised testing conducted in their particular school system. The principal opened the letter by acknowledging the effort the students made, then included the following “… however, we are concerned that these tests do not assess all of what it is that makes your child special and unique.”

Assesments should not shape how our children see themselves nor encourage them to make comparisons with others. They have been created in the image of God and we want them to celebrate their unique gifts and talents, whether they be academic or otherwise.

KCS is committed to providing an education program that provides wide-ranging learning experiences in which we focus on growth. Because ultimately, real success is not the final result; it is made up of commitment, hard work, discipline and persistence. Let’s join together and celebrate growth and the lifelong journey of learning!