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Parent Representatives 2019

At Kalamunda Christian, we value the partnership between home and school and encourage all parents to be involved in their child’s learning, attend and support school events and volunteer their time to improve the outcomes for all our students.

A shout out to the parents who have taken on the role of Parent Rep for 2019. This is a valuable opportunity to work in partnership with your child’s school.

The Parent Reps for each class are listed below:

Kick Start

Cherie Rout

Kindergarten A

Lauren Sabatino

Kindergarten B

Vicky Walden


Natasha Groom and Vanessa Tolomei

Year 1

Emma Abbott

Year 2

Judith Whitehurst

Year 3

Natasha Groom and Evette Lewis

Year 4 P

Viv Testa

Year 4 R

Nick and Jane Stowe

Year 5

Melanie Llewellyn

Year 6

Clare Henry

The role of the Parent Rep is about building relationship and connecting with the parents in their year group. It includes the following:

  • Facilitating and providing details of any opportunities to meet socially;
  • Seeking parent involvement within the class as requested by class teachers;
  • Coordinating volunteers required for class activities;
  • Organising, updating and distributing a class contact list for families who would like to share their contact details;
  • Providing opportunities for parents to feel they are valued members of the class community and are welcome to be involved in any way they are able, e.g. informal social gatherings such as a coffee morning at a café or an after school picnic catch up on the lawns;
  • Encouraging parents to be involved in school life, e.g. parent meetings, social events etc.;
  • Meeting with the teacher to build connection and to support the teacher;
  • Answering general questions parents or families may have;
  • Redirecting queries to the appropriate persons or sources;
  • Assisting the teacher and school with passing along specific information as appropriate; and
  • Establishing positive links with the wider community.

The role of the Parent Rep is to support parents, teachers and the greater school community. Please note, it is not the responsibility of the Parent Rep to:

  • to resolve conflicts between parents
  • to resolve conflicts between students
  • to resolve issues between a parent and the teacher
  • to assist parents to solve issues about their child

We always encourage our parents who have concerns to direct these to the relevant staff member/s as they are in the best position to work alongside you in the best interest of your child.

Thank you, once again to all our Parent Representatives. We appreciate and value your commitment to our school community.