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Playing AFL Against Other Schools

Our Year 6 students attended the interschool WACCSA AFL carnival on the 23rd of May.

Both girls and boys played together to form a team to compete in the boy’s division. The children had success in scoring points and goals, tackling, as well as being tackled, and had the opportunity to play against three other schools in their division. It was a great day, with perfect conditions and great sportsmanship.

Here is what a few students had to say about their day:

It was good. I marked the ball and I tackled a guy. I was nervous at the start and great at the end, and it was my first ever football game! - Ava

It was exciting; got my vitamin D for the day and I got to have fun with my friends. Highlight was probably snapping my goal, where you kick the ball around your body, into the goals! - John

It was fun, exhilarating, but tiring but all worth it! It was great fun to hang out with all my friends all day. I got tackled and it hurt but I was okay. - Riley M